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The Neversink Fire Department ladies auxiliary was organized on September 29, 1947 at the Mutton Hill School House with the membership at 25.

Officers at the time were President Ellen Slavin, Secretary Ethelyn Krum and Treasurer Clara Rubenzahl.

The purpose of the auxiliary was to help raise funds for a Fire Company and a Community Organization.

The firemen gave us $25 to get started.  This amount was paid back the following month after our first party and supper on November 7, 1947, held in the dining room at Al Dubs Hotel.  A turkey dinner with all the trimmings was prepared by the members.  The proceeds of a raffle, a crocheted spread amounted to $102.  Max Rubenzahl won the door prize (a rooster he had donated).  Max auctioned the rooster off and another $3.50 was added to the treasury.

Our first dues were paid in September, 1948.  This was the beginning.  Every little bit counted.  We sold cake left over from our meetings, conducted raffles, cake and pie sales, dinners and finally movies and dances.  We rented the Rod and Gun Club Hall in Grahamsville for $15 per night, paid $25 for the movies and $16 for the band.  We started off with one per month and because of the demand finally had one every two weeks.  Our little treasury was growing.  Our purpose of course was to assist the firemen.  We gave them half of the profits of all the dances and as our finances improved we started to supply the money they needed to build a firehouse.  Over the next three years we added another $2,500.  The fire truck at this time was housed at Rubenzahls Coop.  Our first chief was Moe Rubenzahl and the first Fire Department President was Ed Slavin.

As we had no other alternative, our meetings were conducted in each others homes and our joint meetings with the firemen were held at Dubs Magrels Mutton Hill School House or Neversinks School house. 

On October 23, 1947 a petition was circulating for Neversink to be recognized as a district.  At least 51% of the taxpayers must sign it before it can be presented to the Town Board.  March 4, 1948 the petition was presented to the Town Board and a public hearing was set for March 29, 1948 at Allison's Store.  Women were urged to attend to uphold the petition.


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