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Welcome to the Neversink Fire Department EMS page.
Page last updated January 28, 2015
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The Neversink Fire Department EMS squad currently has 20 active members.  Of those 14 active members 7 are certified  N.Y.S Emergency Medical Technicians.  We handle an average of 60 calls per year.  Our squad provides Basic Life Support or BLS care. In the event a patient needs Advanced Life Support or ALS, a paramedic from Mobilemedic EMS is dispatched for an ALS assist.
2015* 3
2014* 28
2013 40
2012 30
2011 37
2010 38
2009 44
2008 54
2007 50
2006 69
2005 81
* approx. year to date


     Member Fire & EMS       

Captain Bobbi Noren EMT 1 st Lt. Tom Dexheimer, EMT
 2nd Lt. Ann Bivins, EMT  Sgt. Tawny Shamro, EMT
Eric Bankich John Bankich
  Sue Bankich Tom Brown
 Tammy Chaboty, EMT   Mike Congelosi, EMT
Matt 'Charles' Curry Joann Dean
Anna Dexheimer Sharon Doyle, EMT
Don Hotchkin Ben Monell, EMT
Amanda Noren   Jesse Noren, EMT
Rachael Renaudette Art Rubenzahl
Jon Shamro  Kayla Stoutenburg
 Laureena Turner Russ Turner
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Chair Officers
President Jesse Noren Vice President Tammi Chaboty
Treasurer Sue Bankich Secretary Tawny Shamro

Interested in joining?

For more information on volunteering Click here
 or e-mail
 Help needed at all levels-
Drivers, EMT's,
or as a helper in the patient area with the EMT.
In memoriam
John Noren
December 19, 1934 - January 26, 2011
Milton E. VanKeuren     
 October 19, 1927 - February 8,2011
Marie Noren Graham
October 9, 1965-March 4, 2013

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