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Becoming a firefighter isn't just about riding in a fire truck and blowing the siren.  It's about community pride and image.  It's about knowing you have done your best to assist a neighbor in a time of need.  It takes someone with courage, devotion, and dedication.  It takes someone who isn't afraid of hard work and is willing to accept the challenge of a difficult job. 

     It takes someone who considers respect and appreciation reward enough.  It takes someone who is just glad to help.  As a firefighter, you will respond to calls for various types of assistance.  Types of assistance range from fire suppression to rescue of a trapped victim from a fire or an automobile.  In addition, you will be required to attend training and maintenance sessions as well as support the departments fundraising and fire prevention efforts.  All members are expected to attend on a regular basis within the limits of their personal schedule.

     Anyone 18 years of age or older who resides within a 10 mile radius of Neversink Fire District is eligible to join the department.  Becoming a member involves submission of an application package, successful completion of a background check and participation in various training. 

All training is provided free of charge to all members.  Equipment provided free of charge.

Uniforms are also provided free

  For those aged 14-15 we offer a  Cadet program.

For those aged 16-17 we offer a  Jr. firefighter program.

For information on the  Cadet or Jr. Fire Fighter Program Click Here.


To Request an application by e-mail  Click Here





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